Injera Recipe

Teff Flour

Teff Flour

Surprisingly, making Ethiopian Injera is just as easy as a sourdough, but finding the teff flour can be tricky! Here in Boise, Idaho I have found it at Thana’s Little World Market on Overland. If I can’t find something I ask everyone that’s hanging out or working there. I have done this so many times now that they’ve stopped asking me, “Are you sure?”

Thana’s has a website now: with a little history on the market itself, along with all the newer goods and foods they have. “Our family ran business started out 10 years ago in the Boise, Idaho area providing groceries for the Southeast Asian community. Since the we expanded to include Indian, Indo-European, Persian, African, Carribean, and Thailand products. We have a large selection of teas, spices, fresh fish, Halal meats, chicken, goat, lamb, beef, Drygoods, noodles, beans, sauces, pickles, snack, cookies, coffee, yogurts, cheese, and produce that are hard to find in regular grocery stores. ”

Thana's Little World Market

Thana's Little World Market

Have you had Ethiopian food before? Even if I can’t get it at a restaurant in Boise, I’m happy I can find the ingredients to make it at home.
Yes, and the most hard to find thing around here is teff. Ground teff. Real teff. Not the grain, but the ground grain. Did you know that there are at least three different types of teff? To make injera mix two cups of teff flour with one cup of water in a glass bowl. Cover in a warm area 65-85 degrees until bubbles form on the top. In Boise this may take 3 days in the winter, or 1 day if it’s the summer. Pour out on a hot, dry skillet one half cup at a time.
You can flip the pancake over. It will form lots of little holes in it which will then absorb the berbere, collards, chickpea wat, or whatever you make to go with it. The pancakes, or injera, lay on a large platter and then you put the main dishes on top.

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