Quick Update: Sagardo

A few weeks ago my good friend handed me a bottle of her family’s homemade Sagardo. It’s a Basque hard apple cider, and it was delicious.

Then last weekend we had a different version of the real thing from the Basque country in little 12 ounce bottles and the flavor was beyond this world.

It was so strong there was an olive hint to the apples. It was such a great flavor that staring a the wall thinking about the flavor was about all I could do.

Today at lunch I hopped over to the Basque Market on Grove Street and bought a wine sized bottle for the weekend.

I learned that the variety I was buying, Astarbe Sagardo Naturala, is more tart and savory than Bereziartua. I also learned how to pronounce it correctly. Bereziartua is more sweet and applely, probably like the kind my friend gave me.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update: Sagardo

  1. Thanks for pointing out that tasty libation. I keep wanting to bring something to my out of state friends when I visit other than Potato Vodka. That will hit the bill nicely.

  2. You need to try it first, or at least try both kinds, before handing it out. I can also help you with the Basque pronunciation.

    Maybe you’d be interested in helping me find this Basque liquor at BoEx that is home made. I can pronounce it, but cannot spell it.

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