Diana Oriental Market, Fairview Ave, Boise

Diana Oriental Market, Fairview Ave, Boise

I have no idea where the idea came from to make Gochujong or the mung bean pancakes that go with it. I think it started with a friend talking about it and I told him about Diana, the grocery store on Fairview, and before I knew it we were eating fermented pancakes and femented bean paste and we were using gochujong to make more gochujong.

Nok du jun is the name for the mung bean pancake we made.

    Soak two cups of mung beans in water overnight or 24 hours
    Put mung beans and water in blender, and puree
    Mix with fresh home made kim chi (or scallions, if you have no kim chi)
    Pour onto lightly oiled skillet and fry on both sides
    Dip finished pancakes into gojujong

To make gochujong or gojujong, first you need the fermented red pepper paste. This is available in miso-soup-like containers at Diana. Mix the gochujong with rice vinegar, soy sauce, and browned sesame seeds.


2 thoughts on “Gochujong

  1. First you have to love salty, savory, spicy things with sesame in them. Then you do have to give up some faith in the mung beans. When you blend it and pour in the batter – it forms an incredibly rich pancake. I didn’t expect it myself until we tried it. Like I said, I have no idea what made us try this recipe.

    If you don’t even like kim chi, though, I’d say scrap it and move on. You pretty much have to love kim chi in order to love this.

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