Money versus Thinking

pie cherries

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What if I said don’t buy overpriced stuff people grew in their oversized gardens? What if I said this instead?

1. Go to the library
2. Check out a bunch of books on growing trees, shrubs, and vegetables
3. Start them from seed by picking up recycleable materials from the area next to the Edwards Greenhouse
4. Make your own compost in your backyard by using the pile system
5. Plant stuff in your yard
6. Web search problems, “egg shaped chard pest,” or “aphids on apricot tree,” etc.

I’m just so exhausted from watching people shell out so much cash for something that should really be about their lives.

Ask me for FREE help on gardening if you have a gardening problem.

My most recent coup involved getting a slightly used $5.00 cover cloth to protect my chard and spinach from a specific kind of fly.

These cherries are from my yard. You can come pick them for free if you’d like.

2 thoughts on “Money versus Thinking

    • Hey, good question. There are two compost options: 1) make a tiny worm bin for compost as they don’t smell and you can put it under your kitchen sink, or put it on your porch or 2) buy some compost from edwards for … instead of using a yard doing the Potted Garden. You can actually grow a ton of lettuce with very little soil, and you can grow tomotoes upside down using used 2 liter soda bottles.

      I’d love to help out with any project like that with you.

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