Edwards Greenhouse

Purple Potato Flower

Originally uploaded by themiliones

I go to Edwards Greenhouse to get a lot of my plants. They are locally owned, and very close to where I live. In a horrible storm earlier this spring wind gusts destroyed several greenhouses and we went there to get plants and seeds immediately afterwards.

Among the things we purchased were purple seed potatoes. The hardest part was ripping out the sod and digging up the soil below. Once that was accomplished, I cut the potatoes so that each piece had one eye. My husband stuck a shovel in the ground about ten inches deep, lightly lifted the soil, and I dropped it down the hole.

Remove the shovel, and proceed to the next spot.

Now, it’s summer time, and the potatoes are revealing gorgeous flowers, and dark green leaves.

Now we will wait for them to wither and die, and then harvest them.

I am truly looking forward to my purple potatoes.

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