The Raw Pie: Delicious, Nutritious, Easiest Crust on earth.

Did you know that coconut juice is so similar to human blood that it can be used for blood transfusions? Great way to start out a conversation about raw pies, eh?

What’s a raw pie? The raw movement has periodically swept the foodie world on and off for decades. Recently revived again around the year 2000, I started learning more about raw foods. Raw foods seem to mean that a lot more prep work is done, but everything raw has an incredible flavor, needs very little spice, and just makes you feel healthy too.

The raw pie is the easiest recipe I can share.

Grocery list:

– pie tin
– one coconut
– one cup of whole dates
– one cup of pecans
– several overripe bananas (depending on the size)

First: open the coconut. I suggest a hammer and a chisel, or screwdriver. Put a few holes in the nut, and pour the liquid into a bowl. Chisel off the outer edge and save the inner meat. Put the white coconut meat into the bowl too.

Add both the liquid and meat to a food processor and turn it on. Add several bananas and a half cup of water. Blend until smooth. This may take several minutes.

Next pour the blended mix into a bowl and cover in the refrigerator.

Process one cup of dates and one cup of pecans in the food processor. Then just push that mix into the pie tin to form a “crust” and freeze.

When frozen pour the coconut/banana blend into the pie tin on top of the date/nut mix. Freeze again.

When frozen, cut and serve!

2 thoughts on “The Raw Pie: Delicious, Nutritious, Easiest Crust on earth.

    • Plasma = Coconut water! Emergencies only?

      Will have to look at this later: The intravenous use of coconut water
      The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, Volume 18, Issue 1, Pages 108-111
      D.Campbell-Falck, T.Thomas, T.Falck, N.Tutuo, K.Clem

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