Commemorative To Summer

Originally uploaded by themiliones

Yesterday was when I realized that our garden was a big, fat mess. Squirrels were climbing atop the giant sunflower and chewing the sides. Rabbits had nibbled on tomatoes (our rabbits). Tomatoes were sprawling everywhere and hanging into the dirt, decomposing, with slugs. The raspberries were done producing fruit and are now just a scratchy nuisance.

Last night I picked the basil flowers, kale, the mighty fall lettuces I planted, nasturtiums, other greens, tomatoes, and a lemon cucumber. Our kitchen pantry only added the olive oil, salt, pepper and the multicolored radiatore pasta that we needed.

It was a colorful meal to commemorate the colorful productions a summer garden can produce. And now, as we move into Fall, I look forward to a bounty of lettuces and greens and apples and other stone fruit.


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