Waffle Window, Portland, OR, 4th of July


Originally uploaded by themiliones

We were in Portland this summer for a secret wedding, and when the bride and groom took off on their elopement honeymoon, we ended up hanging out doing cool stuff with friends for a few days. One of the awesome, typically Portland, things that we did was we ate at the Waffle Window even though we were not hungry.

So, in the back of this restaurant, they converted a door to become a window, a swinging door, with two pieces to it. They added a sign, an awning, bright colors, and then the food. Fried waffles with a variety of savory or sweet fillings. Banana and nutella waffles, bacon waffles, all sorts of things. And a special drink too which was some combination of iced tea, lemonade and something else.

Isn’t it a beautiful sight? Young couples lining up to get waffles?

There isn’t really a patio. You can either walk up and down Hawthorne eating your waffle, or do what we did, which was sit down on the sidewalk and oogle at the new young hipsters of Portland.

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