ghostly pumpkin

Originally uploaded by themiliones

lately i’ve sort of been on hold because of illnesses that were misdiagnosed, but then were finally successfully diagnosed, and been going through a few procedures on and off. this has made it difficult for me to do “everything” but i have some down time this week.

this photo is from halloween. we had just baked one orange baby bear pumpkin and i was eating it just with some tasty salt on top. we had pumpkin for a few weeks – pumpkin curry soup being a major contender around here – but i grew sick of it and eventually the soup lost the battle and we turned our backs on the pumpkins.

squirrels love pumpkins though. they’ve been raiding our compost pile and the dog and the cat watch.

we went over to @farmer_marty ‘s house and collected the chicken and duck poop from their area to use in our garden in preparation for next year. we got a bit of a tour of his yard. his garden smells wonderful of fresh herbs as you step on them and too friendly cats make their temporary home at your feet. what a lovely place.

regardless, our more recent home cooking endeavors have included home made paneer, ricotta and mozzerella. we’re looking for fresh and raw goat milk.

to tie this all together: i have been doing some things, planning other things, and getting our garden ready for next year, but this has been slowed down by illness – which should be all done now.

the irony is that eating healthy can really only get you so far before random issues take over and things you have no control over like environment and genetics. but i think that if it weren’t for the fact that i eat well and healtfully, i would be in much worse shape right now.

i feel good. i will write more.


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