Making your own… cheese?

Originally uploaded by themiliones

Well, this is something that was easier than I expected. Making cheese from scratch only takes about thirty minutes.

Gather: cheesecloth, colander, whole milk (not ultra pasteurized), vinegar, kosher salt.

  • Put milk in large stainless steel pot
  • For every gallon of milk get 1/2 cup vinegar ready
  • When the milk starts to get really warm, before it boils, add the vinegar and stir
  • Let the milk curdle and set, removing it from the heat
  • Strain through the cheesecloth
  • Add salt
  • Wrap and tighten the cheesecloth around the cheese ball
  • Let it hang in a colander

And there you have it. Ricotta.

Even though I was using the recipe from the book Wild Fermentation, this blog post is just as easy, but mentions proportions and mentions we can use it as paneer also:


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