Baguette Deli, Boise

Baguette Deli Banh Mi

For some time now us Boiseans have been able to get the Vietnamese sandwiches at Orient Market (see these Yelp reviews too: . And Orient Market (Orchard and Emerald) still makes some things there – including the bread that they use in the Banh Mi ($1.25 a roll, come out fresh four times a day!).

The baguette is a mixture of Vietnamese and French influences with rice flour as a key ingredient. This makes the baguette easier to eat – unlike the large, wheaty, doughy baguettes that we eat with cheese.

I’ve been to this place many times since it opened, and of course love it! I’m so happy to have a banh mi place in Boise. Also – they make my favorite item – the avocado boba tea!

Mmm Avocado Boba Smoothie

They also serve various kinds of spring rolls.

Spring Rolls

Along with real meat sandwiches, you can also get the fake meat – vegetarian ham hock (this is not vegan – it has egg in it, though trace amounts).

Love this place. Will continue to go back!

Menu Cover/Signage

4 thoughts on “Baguette Deli, Boise

  1. A group of folks I work with were looking to tri vietnamese sandwiches. I thought they were talking about Pho Nouveau, which I haven’t tried yet either, but turns out they were talking Baguette Deli, which I hadn’t heard of at all. Any comparison to Pho Nouveau? (I’m seeing a lot of bad reviews, deserved I don’t know, for Pho.)

    • I’ve never made it over to Pho Nouveau for their weekday lunch (which is the only time they serve the banh mi). I have had their pho and thought it was good, especially for Boise, though I strongly prefer Pho 79 out on State.

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