Food Carts Boise: Few and Far Between

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In general, Boise lacks in Food Carts [check out this super sad list of food carts here on Chowhound!! ]. Unlike some other West Coast cities, the rules governing Boise Vendors are long and vast: Boise City Vendor Code

Vendors are not allowed to be within fifty feet of one another, for example. See this application to become a vendor in Boise. By changing some of the basic regulations of Boise’s vendors law we could have hundreds of young entrepreneurs out on the streets working rather than contributing to the $91 million gap we owe to the Feds for unemployment benefits.

According to the blog Northwest Palate: “The reasons for the popularity of food carts in Portland are complex. Unlike cities such as Seattle or Vancouver, B.C., which have strict rules about where carts can operate, zoning regulations and business laws in Portland are a bit more open-minded.”

Why aren’t we more open minded in Boise in regards to these small businesses?

My summary of food carts in the downtown area amount to this list below, but please add your own additions… and while I am hesitant to start a list of all the taco trucks in the area (because I could list more than this too) go ahead and start adding those as well!

6 thoughts on “Food Carts Boise: Few and Far Between

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    • I am not sure! Are you looking for a town or looking to contact someone regarding the law? I would look into the laws and then look into the laws of neighboring towns.

      Good luck!

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