Old El Pueblo is now Nuestro Pueblo

Nuestro Pueblo
5234 West Fairview Avenue
Boise, ID 83706-1762
*Located behind in the Los Betos in a white strip mall. You must go to the back and the entrance is in a corridor near a party place and a hairdresser.

Have you ever been to the awesome meat shop behind Los Betos on Fairview? It is sort of hidden from view, and has a meat market, serves a mean burrito & other foods,  Mexican foods market and is next door to a party shop that sells pinatas and other treats.

El Pueblo was closed for a while, and now there is this new restaurant (same people though) called Nuestro Pueblo. You can watch the people that work there behind the counter making chorizo, and you can eat your delicious burrito, taco, torta, tamale, whatver , with tv blaring in Spanish. The salsa bar is incredible simply because of the variety from hot reds to avocado tomatillo sauces and the blistered/roasted peppers. They frequently serve pepitos salsa – the pumpkin seed salsa which is hot and yummy.

We’re all stoked that this place has not gone away! Hit it up instead of Los Betos!

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