Nuestro Pueblo: Reasons to go

Blistered, hot red peppers at Nuestro Pueblo's Salsa Bar

1. Nuestro Pueblo is much cleaner than El Pueblo was.

2. There are bright lights and you can see how clean everything is.

3. The menu now includes memelitas, a vegetarian street food from Mexico which include cotija cheese, masa (as a base) a, refried beans and carmelized onions.

4. Real sugar in the Pepsi and Coke products which come in glass reused/reusable bottles.

5. Very friendly owners will tell you about the food!

6. Beautiful, fresh, clean and well organized meat case.

7. No more blaring televisions!

8. No more ripped up red dining booths!

9. Smaller portions mean healthier portions!

10. Everything is still inexpensive and tasty.

11. This is more authentic than Los Betos.

12. The incredible salsa bar is hot, and flavorful with lemons and pumpkin, tomato, cactus, pepper, etc.

13. Tamales, memelitas ($1.50 each), mole, sopes, huaraches, tortas, and pupusas.

14. Fresh tilapia in the meat case.

15. And lastly… the family run business has awesome people working at the cash register now! Ask them anything!

Apparently I missed their grand opening party. The owner said, “You should have been there!” Also, they serve mole, but I haven’t tried it yet. Soon!

2 thoughts on “Nuestro Pueblo: Reasons to go

  1. I love this restaurant. I hope they can make it. I’ve been there 3 times. The food is very good and inexpensive and I can walk or ride my bike there.

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