Yen Ching, Boise, ID

Outside Yen Ching, looking in

Yen Ching’s new bakery (305 N. 9th Street, Boise, ID) has a real New York City atmosphere with the high chairs and the tall, steel, round tables. It’s a great  place to meet up with people for a repast.

I went inside and was offered the sesame bread, which has a flavor unlike any other bread I have ever tasted. Quickly I grew attached to it, and bought a loaf for a very low price.

The sesame bread loaf incorporates black sesame seeds which exude a strong, and wonderful, sesame flavor throughout.

Everything was well priced, as in less than $3.00 each, not including the made to order cakes, and the exquisite custards in the refrigerated case.

Mini Hot Dog Buns

So, the dough for these breads has a milk base which gives them that special texture, and rather than steaming the buns, Yen Ching bakes everything with an egg glaze on the surface.

You can watch the whole process take place when you walk in there. I was offered  fresh red bean buns, as opposed to the ones that had been sitting there for just a little while longer.

Behind the counter at Yen Ching

But something that surprised me were all of the bacon rolls and the hot dog buns!  Wow. My husband reports, “My bacon thing was awesome, by the way. It was like a savory dessert.”

Things you have to try:

  • Red bean buns
  • Hot dog buns
  • Bacon rolls
  • Green tea bread
  • Sesame bread
  • Milk bread (plain)

I also tried a sample of their awesome spongy sheet cake and just was hoping for some excuse to order one. So delicious!

Speaking of cake, they also have the traditional Chinese cake rolls that I was used to seeing in other places I lived.

Where I am from in NJ my father would always pick out the rolls for special occasions. Now I can also find them here. The cake is a sweet, spongy cake that gets rolled and the icing is incide. Yen Ching serves up a new variety I’d never seen before where they make the cake look like a giant sushi roll! Wow, a giant sushi roll of cake. Yes!! Party time!

I haven’t tried everything there, but so far I am very impressed.

I hope you go, and if you do, let me know what you try and what you like! There are so many inventive foods there!

2 thoughts on “Yen Ching, Boise, ID

  1. Amy, Just wanted to let you know I think you’re doing a great job with this blog. I went to Yen Ching’s bakery on Saturday and tried the red bean bun and the dried pork bun. Both were great. The dried pork was sprinkled on top, kind of sweet and very interesting.

    • Hello & Thank you! I am flattered, as I admire your reporting a great deal!

      I really enjoy the sweet, dried meats in Asian foods. Dried pork on top sounds delicious.

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