Rambutan, from Orient Market, Boise, ID

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Ever since Orient Market reopened in their new location, I see improvements nearly every time I visit. I was so very excited today to see bags of rambutans! I mostly have eaten them inside these little jelly candies that you can buy. I mostly ate those while I lived in Berkeley, and not so much here. Though I have seen them at Orient Market and Asia Market.

Rambutans are in the same family as the lychee, which are most commonly known for being in little Japanese candies. The rambutan is a crisp, bright fruit with a thick shell. You slice about a 1/4 inch deep around the middle of the outer shell of the rambutan, and then slip the outer shell off. Inside is a round, translucent and delicious fruit with a round seed. It’s sweet and tart, and is more acidic than the lychee.

They originated in Malasia and are common throughout South East Asia.

3 thoughts on “Rambutan, from Orient Market, Boise, ID

  1. I have a whole crew of the beer wigs now. I don’t know why people didn’t take one when they left! The shells are not aging well… 🙂

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