Burdock Root, Orient Market, Boise, ID


Originally uploaded by themiliones

In Japan they take these and whittle them down like you’d sharpen a pencil, but using a peeler, into a stir fry. Burdock is a long root with lots of health benefits.

Burdock’s flavor is a little nutty, and slightly bitter. It reminds me of a parsnip, but the pungeance is unlike anything else, really. Is it strong? No, not like ginger. This is a very unique, very root type of flavor.


I chop up burdock and put it into my kimchee because it allegedly has cancer fighting agents in it, but I also like to use it to make pickles.The ingredients are soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, water and sliced burdock root, cut into rounds.

Here’s the outcome!



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