Local, Awesome CSAs in Garden City and Boise

I used to frequent Marty and Casey’s CSA in the North End some years ago. I purchased amazing vegetables, fruits and flowers at their weekly sidewalk style farmers market. Now they’ve split operations into two different awesome CSAs.

I recently worked with Marty Camberlango ( @farmer_marty – come on, what other farmer do you know tweets!!!) on my fruit trees. I paid him a low sum and we worked together on solutions for my five fruiting trees (cherries, apples, and a whopping three plum trees). I learned pruning techniques, how to better pollinate, how to increase my yield, how stress can effect trees, and other key points. I did some of the pruning myself, even!

He also provided advice on my raspberry patch, and our garden. His expert opinions were extremely valuable to me, especially as we are advancing our vegetable garden this year to be bigger and more productive. Marty loves his job and keeps a keen eye out on ways to make things better and more productive for everyone.

City Gardens is still accepting CSA memberships.

Casey’s CSA, Earthly Delights, provides workshops and delivers via bicycle.

Hiring Marty to help me out with the fruit trees was a great asset to my Winter garden preparations. I highly recommend both of these two to help out with whatever you need for your garden prep.

Happy Spring Planning!

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