Bánh mì at Orient Market

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In the very back of the produce aisle in Orient Market is the bánh mì station. Wonderful people craft sandwiches from scratch, made to order, or you can simply pluck one off of this pile. I like how gorgeous the wrapping is, and how homemade the sandwich is, too. The bread is made in ovens right behind this counter.

The bánh mì at this station are made with two different kinds of meat, the sliced jalapenos, dressing, shredded daikon, shredded carrot, cilantro and sometimes other vegetables. You can order any kind of filling just by asking, though, rather than grabbing from the pile.

The word bánh usually makes people think of the bánh mì, but bánh is actually an incredibly broad spectrum of starchy foods that can be sweet or savory, made with grains, noodles or flours.

I’ve written about bánh tet, bánh mì, and bánh chung but there are many more than that. I’ll be experimenting with recipes, so let me know if you have any good ones!

2 thoughts on “Bánh mì at Orient Market

  1. I never thought of bread (in this form) as being asian.

    Not that China is representative of all of Asia, but when I was in China, I ate tons (literally) of dumplings and those delightful steamed rolls, but never saw bread (except at McDonalds, which they called Mai Don Lao and which my partner in travel craved a couple of times).

    When I got home from travelling after a month, it was hard to get used to Western food again, especially the eating one thing for a meal, not several little things.

    Also, I miss those nice steamy filled rolls. Didn’t you say once that I can find them in Boise? Let’s ride our bikes and then eat too many steamed filled rolls and loll.

    • That is such a perfectly spring friend date!!! Because of the French influence these are rice flour baguettes.

      There are some steamed buns. We may have to buy them frozen to get the good ones. 🙂

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