Sweetwater’s Tropic Zone Closed

Boise’s beloved restaurant Sweetwater’s Tropic Zone was a recent addition to the culinary scene. As of today, May 25, 2010, they have closed their doors. They opened about ten months ago.

A call to their old phone number reached an “Arielle’s” who knew very little about the closure. More info pending.

Of course, we’re all sad to see them go. Many local Boiseans hadn’t even gotten a chance to eat there yet! Those that had praised the food, especially the curried avocado! Sweetwater’s also featured goat curry, bbq, and an incredible burger. Losing this restaurant leave a gaping whole in the Treasure Valley ethnic culinary experience.

One thought on “Sweetwater’s Tropic Zone Closed

  1. Well not only is it a terrible economy, but Sweetwater also had a massive and diverse menu, and it probably cost them a fortune to keep all those menu items on hand. Sad to see them go, but the concept was probably a bit ambitious.

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