Dave’s Killer Bread

I’ve lived in Boise for more than five years now, and am married to a “real Idahoan” but I’m still out of place. For the most part, I feel just isolated in this small town because everyone seems to gossip about everyone else, and rare is the person who just goes out there to do the best job they can. I really give it my all. I strive to be an authentic person through and through and hold everyone else up to that standard: honest, hard working, true to themselves, loving themselves, embracing hypocrisy, serving others, being sensitive to others, and living every moment to the fullest.

And even though Dave from Dave’s Killer Bread is not from Boise, nor is his bread ethnic in any way, or even local, I celebrate his sentiments. We have all made mistakes. We all make mistakes. If we don’t, we’re lying. Dave seems to share this sentiment with me, “Anybody can change anytime.” It’s what I’m always looking for: the real, honest person who completely screws up and says so and says why and says what they learned.

“It’s not weak — it’s stronger to have humility,” Dave says.

Ok, so backstory is inspirational and incredible, right? Well, Dave’s Killer Bread is the only bread I’ll eat now. Why? I can’t eat rye or sourdough anymore. I can’t ingest much salt. Dave’s Killer Bread is among the lowest in salt content for bread (6-8% per slice).

Sure, it’s not made in Idaho but the bread made locally doesn’t have whole grains in it, and includes items I can’t currently ingest. Not only that – it’s sweet – as in literally sweet and delicious.

“Anybody can change,” he says, “And I know because I was really a jackass.”

I wish more people could learn from their mistakes and make things like Peace Bomb Baguettes. How rad is that?

Why else am I inspired? He built himself up from scratch. Inspiring.

And – his website is hosted by sustainable (wind powered) web hosting.

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