Wow, foodspotting could be a totally awesome app if people in Boise used it. Please use it! I love it:

Use it on the web, use it on your phone… Spot foods, places, eats around where you are geolocated! In pictures! With directions & reviews! And it’s prettttttty.

While it’s totally going to come in handy while I’m in NYC this week, I’d love to come home to find all sorts of people spotting food around Boise!

Something cool about it is that it’s a mobile app, but you can also use it on your laptop or computer and it will geolocate for you based on your IP address. Why won’t foursquare do this?

One thought on “Foodspotting

  1. A newcomer in the foodies web apps area is Gourmious:

    The nice thing is that you can review dishes and restaurants so you don’t need to go back and forth between multiple sites to get what you want.

    Gourmious is taking a different approach regarding their mobile app. It is what we call a “mobile web app” so it has the advantage to run on 4 different mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, Palm Pre and Blackberry.

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