B & H Dairy, New York City


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When I think of New York City I never think of Times Square or Broadway plays. I think of what people now call, “Old New York” — the small shops owned by one person that represent their culture or their trade. I think mostly of what just Queens looks like now — streets full of markets and ethnic foods, shops like Fine Fare, and tailor shops.

Fortunately the B & H Dairy still exists. For $4.50 you get a side of real, sour pickles, a plate of buttered challah bread, a coffee, a juice, two eggs, and incredible red pepper-hash browns.

They make their own hot sauce, they make their own food from scratch. No kidding. The place is beautiful, the food is just the best – and being so high quality sets my standard for real diner food.

What comes close in Boise? I will never find real challah in Boise, so we can pretty much forget about that. The sour pickles? There is nothing as fresh. Bubbies brand has no vinegar, but they’re not fresh like these pickles are. So Bubbies comes in a few notches too low. I don’t even know how to recreate their omelets and potatoes. I think the tired and true methods that come from people who really know their food are the best.

I can’t recreate this in Boise. I never will. In fact, I was super bummed I only could go to breakfast because of my schedule. That meant I missed the blintzes and the borscht, and I even missed the cake. Stay tuned.


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