Chinatown, NYC

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I have been thinking lately about how high my standards are. I know where they come from. I have lived in the West since I was 17 years old, but I never abandoned my East Coast sensibilities.

Chinatown is no exception. The bakeries there are a dime a dozen, and so are the exquisite baked goods within. Incredible flavors, perfect texture, and just plain great stuff.

The dough on these was pretty different, actually, than the milk based dough at the Yen Ching bakery, when it still existed. And yet it’s even more different from the basic steamed buns. These buns are more like “dutch crunch” which is something we can’t really get here either…

Alas, I can’t have it all. We have clean air, mountains, and different kinds of annoying people. When a red flag warning happens in NYC it’s trash piles that catch on fire – not the land.

Yet I consider this trade off more and more lately. It’s a good thing I get to visit often!

2 thoughts on “Chinatown, NYC

    • You’re right! It has been too, too long. My husband met his biological parents this winter (he was adopted) and that has taken up a lot of our time lately. Nevertheless, here we go! I’m back!

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