Farmers Markets

IMG_5845 by themiliones
IMG_5845, a photo by themiliones on Flickr.

There are more and more farmers markets popping up in Boise, and while it’s really nice, I’ve noticed that many of them carry more goods than food. I’m pretty into the Farm to Table concept, especially in my own house. I am of the opinion that even if you locally sewed an item, but the parts came from China, maybe it doesn’t belong at a farmer’s market.

This is an image of a farmer’s market in Monterey, Ca. One of the things I love about this market is the fact that the ratio of food to good is something like 10:1. The goods that are for sale there are seasonal. This image was from October, and there were professional mask makers, and other Halloween type vendors.

There are also a ton of farmer’s markets in the Bay Area in general, and this diversity and competition breeds better quality, better priced products.

Since we have so much agriculture in the surrounding areas of Boise, it only makes sense that we should have more farmers markets. I look forward to the day that we have a better representation of our great state’s produce.

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