“Tea is good”

IMG_6697 by themiliones
IMG_6697, a photo by themiliones on Flickr.

…so declares the website for Far Leaves Tea on College Avenue in Elmwood, Ca. I visited in December of 2010 with my family.

The building is so quaint and inviting. We snagged the one window seat at this bowling alley shaped business. Much of the seating is in a second floor loft, above the myriad of teas and snacks.

Each of us ordered a separate type of tea. The tables have their own water boiler, so you can fill and refill as many times as you need. The hostess instructs you how long a certain tea should steep for, and how hot the water should be when you add it.

Each tea is different, and each snack was exquisite.

In this image, Holliday is teaching Venec her special trick on how to use chopsticks. Far Leaves is a very memorable and special place.

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