Payette Brewing & Archie’s Place

Photo0847.jpg by themiliones
Photo0847.jpg, a photo by themiliones on Flickr.

So, here’s the deal: I am not an expert on food, nor am I an expert on beer, but I know what I like. I’m also pretty particular about my food and beer, and a lot of other things too. This doesn’t usually mean I like high brow things like buying real vanilla beans for thirty dollars, but I think that I like things that have a wide appeal. Great food, or good beer, that’s accessible, sustainable, unique, tasty, and for a great price, maybe local, or tries to be local, and something that is authentic, real… where people can be people.

That being said, it was awesome to get to try Payette Brewing (see their website or on Twitter:!/payettebrewing) and Archie’s Place yesterday (on : or on!/archies_place) , and I think that everyone is going to love both of these places.

Payette Brewing is located in Garden City and is easy to bike too from the Greenbelt (111 N. 33rd). The warehouse bar is awesome. Growlers are a good price. The cask cured Outlaw IPA is by far my favorite with such a rich body, it’s just incredibly flavorful. The pale ale is good too, of course, but it’s the intense hops and citrus of the IPA that make me enjoy it.

On Saturday, Archie’s Place had stopped by the Payette Brewing outpost. I had the unicorn meat with the gluten free bread – cornbread. When I’ve lived in Berkeley, Oakland and Portland, I grew accustomed to widely accessible meals that served vegetarian meat. I love the stuff. LOVE it. And this unicorn meat sloppy joe at Archie’s Place meets that need of nostalgia, and hunger too. Oh, and tastebuds. One of the hallmarks of a favorite meal, to me, is that I cannot make it. I can’t make this sloppy joe. I can’t even guess what might make it so good, but it’s good.

I hope you can enjoy them both too.

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