Food Carts Boise: Update

It has been over a year since my first post summing up the food cart scene in Boise and while some has changed, not a lot has either. The good news is this: two food carts which roam around have been added to the landscape: B29 Streetery and Archie’s Place. Both have exquisite menus that cater to those of us who want to try something new and delicious, but have distinctly different flavors.

The only drawback is that two carts we were promised — the Tango’s food cart and the nut roasting cart from City Peanut Shop — haven’t materialized. I know the economy has made us all sore losers in lots of ways, so I am pretty darn happy about the two new trucks so we should support them as much as we can and help to get Boise’s food truck scene going.

B29 Streatery:

Archie’s Place:

There are so many reasons to love food carts: the unique combinations of food that you can’t really find anywhere else, the ingenuity, the portability, accessibility, and creativity. One of my favorite Portland carts is the bike cart — The Pedal Kettle. Trust me, you’ll fall in love too:

Innovation in all areas of business will help Boise continue to be a vibrant and great place to live.

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