Yucatecan Corn

Lately I have been working too much, and not leaving enough time for writing, or leisurely cooking, or relaxing. But despite this, our garden has really done well this year, and I have been overwhelmed with bounty. More on that later.

Today we made Yucatecan Street Corn and turkey burgers. This was a well deserved lunch after an incredible mountain bike ride. We plan to visit the Yucatan this year in December, and making this corn plate is just one thing that we are doing as a family to get excited and prepare for the trip.

Though the recipe I used is from the book Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson, I have long worshiped Diane Kennedy’s book the Essential Cuisines of Mexico for the sheer breadth and perfect recipes from all over Mexico, including the Yucatan. You can find Diane Kennedy’s book at your local public library here. And you can find Super Natural Cooking at your local public library here.


This is how we roll in our backyard in Spring, Summer and Fall. It is often ten degrees cooler in our backyard because of the trees, and the shade that they provide.


Yucatecan street corn involves cooking the corn (usually grilling, but we just boiled in this case), then spreading crema and grated cotija on the corn. Looks pretty good already, right? Crema Mexicana is a high fat content sour cream. If you don’t have cotija or crema, you can use parmesan or sour cream, but the taste is not quite the same.


Once you’re ready to eat the corn, take a slice of lime and dip it into powdered cayenne pepper. Then squeeze the lime so that the lime juice mixes with the cayenne to create a spicy and sour mixture that drips onto your corn.

So perfect for the summertime.

2 thoughts on “Yucatecan Corn

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this corn recipe for a while…maybe this weekend.
    Have you seen the new book, Super Natural Every Day? I just got it from the library, and have been flipping through it. Lots of intriguing recipes, though many use wheat, so I’ll have to substitute.

    • I put it on hold last week, and I am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival! Thanks for getting us the first book. It has easily been one of the things that inspired us to travel to the Yucatan this year. I wish you were going with us!!

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