Plum Jam

No one is perfect, and I am also not perfect, and despite the fact that I know this, I have a really hard time dealing with the fact that I made two batches of plum jam and one turned out great because I followed directions, while the other turned out not so great.

Plum jam requires a lot of sugar. I made it anyway, with the beautiful golden, blush plums that grow in our backyard. To eat them fresh is like sunshine. The sugary juice drips between your fingers after one bite. These are the best plums I have ever had.

So I made two batches of plum jam because we had buckets of plums. If you have been around me the past few years, you may recall how often I’ve spoken about trying to get my plum trees to produce fruit. We carefully trimmed them, and finally hit paydirt on year number three! The center of the tree is open, and there plums are plentiful.

Back to the jam… The first batch had all of the sugar we needed, and it turned out great. The second one, I either did not cook it long enough, or didn’t add enough sugar.

As it turns out, if you mess up jam, the best thing you can do is open up the cans, pour them into a pot, reheat it, and add more to it to fix the error.

The result is beautiful jam that is high in sugar content, but perfect. A gorgeous color and delicious to spread. It is perfect on challah with some butter, or even on vanilla ice cream.

2 thoughts on “Plum Jam

    • Thanks! I like the color quite a bit also. Damsons! That looks to be the kind of plum we have! Wow!! If not, they are gloriously similar. Do you have a good resource for plum varieties?

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