The Purple Post: Purple Tomatillo Salsa

I know that Venec already posted about making salsa, but I have more to say. We were working on making purple tomatillo salsa when he expressed the desire to make salsa all by himself. We’d been making it together for a few weeks now, the result of the bumper crop of tomatoes this year.

Venec delighted in the purple tomatillos, as you can see here. This gave me a moment to tell him about phytonutrients and now important they are (more information here:

I had been trying to make this salsa since some dear friends who used to make it had moved away. Mark and Linda made this salsa with the peppers and tomatillos that they grew in their backyard. I have never seen purple tomatillos for sale. Last year I grew some, but because of the year, they never turned purple. This year they grew, and they turned purple!

This weekend I finally had enough to make the salsa Mark and Linda used to make. I bought a habanero.

This salsa involves raw, sweet tomatillos. They are unlike any other flavor I have ever tasted. Mouth wateringly sweet and tart and crunchy, this is a very delicious produce item. Mixing it with habanero, lime, onion, and salt, is all you really need for a perfect salsa.


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