Harvesting and Enjoying Rainbow Chard

Phytonutrients are colorful pigmented chemicals that add extremely healthful benefits to our food. The more processed your food is, the fewer phytonutrients there are. Foods like blueberries and tomatoes are quite high in phytonutrients. Rainbow chard is full of lots as well.

Beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein and anthocyanins are four types of phytonutrients. One phytonutrient found in kale and other brassicas called diindolylmethane is actually so helpful it may assist healthy by inhibiting cervial dysplasia and boosting immune systems.

Anthocyanins are in dark purple and blue foods including cocoa, red wine, purple tomatillos, and chard. This chemical may help reverse cancer, reduce inflammation and regulate diabetes.

This rainbow chard is full of phytonutrients, and we enjoy it growing happily in our backyard. Not only is it beautiful, but rich in vitamins and minerals. I have many dishes, some good for you, and some bad. I usually make it sliced finely with garlic and onion on sourdough toast.

A finer way to use rainbow chard is in a tomato chard pie. You make a pate brisee, and add sauteed chard, onions, cheese and tomato. Bake and serve.

I hope you are enjoying your harvests for the health benefits as well as for the fun.


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