Just a short, horrible, funny story about traveling in Mexico. I had picked one amazing NY Times Reviewed restaurant that had the BEST in Yucatecan cuisine. It was in the middle of nowhere, twenty minutes outside of Merida. I was once month pregnant, and somewhat hungry. No real cravings or anything. We had enjoyed Merida, wandering around completely exhausted through the squares and streets, wandering, walking, past historic buildings, and through squares with women singing and men playing on yamaha synthesizers. For breakfast one morning we had it at some local place that was like a Mexican Denny’s. I ordered Huevos Rancheros, and split them with my husband. I didn’t even think twice about the runny eggs. That afternoon we arrived at Hacienda Teya feeling not hungry at all. We wandered around the gift shop and looked at historic photos, and then left. We felt weird, but I thought it was pregnancy and exhaustion. We got to our hotel in Chichen Itza and by the morning we had food poisoning. Jeremy and I were the only ones, and Venec was spared. We spent hours upon hours in the hotel room. It was horrid. And I was pregnant, so in was completely scared. I had inadequate resources for determining what was wrong. Luckily we had stocked up on water, so had several three gallon size containers of fresh water in our car. This food poisoning was very formative for me. I no longer experiment with foods as much as I used to. I pay attention to microbes, and health codes. I look up restaurants in the health database before going to them. I felt lucky I didn’t get listeria from these eggs. This has completely changed my food approach. And since this is a food blog, I say it’s fair to share this experience so that you know why my stance towards food has changed. I think a lot about how the food I eat changes my breastmilk, and how the food I eat should be healthy. I thought a lot while he was still in the womb about how the food I ate helped form him and the placenta. When my son was born the doctor’s remarked on what a healthy placenta and umbilical cord I had. I blame that on a healthy combination of good fats and good vegetables. The boy is a big one. He’s healthy. We both are. And with good foods it will stay that way. I still like Yucatecan food, but my eggs will all be scrambled and hard boiled from now on, and my meats will need to be extra cooked.


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