This blog documents foods we can find at local, small grocers (not chains), recipes, local food, fermented food, raw food, and all attempts at sustainability. We garden, dream, investigate, cook and thrive.

Mundovore is the idea that by learning the foods of different cultures we can become one people, united, without discrimination and without judgment. That by savoring delicious foods we can all co-exist together.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Gardening, cooking and eating! I’m so happy to see my friends writing and thinking and sharing information about sustainable, creative, and healthy food these days. It makes me feel hopeful.

    This year our garden is the best yet, and cooking/fermentation/preserving experiments are ongoing. I can’t wait until we’re both finally out of graduate school and we have more time to dedicate to such pursuits.


  2. Maybe I can stop by and see it. We’ll be in town for a limited time next week. We’re attending a secret ceremony (I can share details later once it has happened) and are planning on going to see Dirty Projectors.

    I would love to trade cherries for tempeh. Also, if you have a kombucha mother spare, Boise has a high demand for them right now. I could use one or two.

  3. Amy, I think you’re doing a great job and wondered if you’d be interested in contributing to Northwest Food News or collaborating on something in the future.


  4. Hi Amy,
    I am doing a story about local food blogs. I like your site an dwould like to include a mention of it in my article. My question for you is: I came a cross a Tweet from you where you state “It was from being poor and living on Chicago’s west side that I really started getting into ethnic foods.” I am wondering whether it would be OK if I used this quote from you for my story.
    I had a nice chat with Michael Boss earlier this week. He had kind things to say about you and pointed me to your site.
    Thanks for your consideration and for your reply,

  5. I found your blog when I did a search for africa and boise. I’m not sure whether you are still updating the blog?

    Anyway – I am starting an armchair traveler club. It’s facebook based. I have divided the world up into regions so that if we keep it going for 3 years we will have gone all around the world! The idea is to focus on one region every month and read books, watch movies, listen to music, and eat food from that region – posting reviews and chatting about it on the facebook page. I plan to keep it loose and easy so everyone just does as much as they want to.

    I also hope to get together with everyone once a month and have a dinner at my house where everyone brings a food from the region. It would also be fun to go out to local restaurants, markets, churches, bars, etc where a bit of the culture can be experienced.

    If you are interested in joining – send me your email and I’ll send you a link to the page.

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